Providing Free Education to Every Student

 we are dedicated to breaking down barriers to learning by providing free education to students from all backgrounds. Join us in our mission to empower young minds, ignite curiosity, and build a brighter future for generations to come

Our Mission

Empowering through education, our NGO envisions a future where every student has access to free resources, guidance, and support for government exams, ensuring equal opportunities for success.

Education Help

Empowering underprivileged children through free education, our NGO strives to break the cycle of poverty, nurturing brighter futures through learning.

Promoting Educational Equity

Advocating for fairness and equal opportunities in education, striving to bridge the gap between privilege and disadvantage.

Fostering Holistic Development

Creating an environment that supports the intellectual, emotional, and social growth of every student, preparing them for success in all aspects of life.

Latest Causes

Stay updated on our latest initiatives, projects, and campaigns aimed at making a positive impact in the community

A True Messiah in every sense of the word

In a world often overshadowed by darkness, there emerges a beacon of light—a true Messiah whose selfless actions illuminate...

The Impact of Free Education on Underprivileged Students

Education has the power to transform lives, and nowhere is this more evident than in the lives of underprivileged students...

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about our organization, programs, and services in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

NGOs work towards ensuring that children from marginalized communities, especially those living in rural areas, have access to education. They often set up schools in these areas and provide free education and other necessary resources to students.

Sarovar Education  Pioneering Literacy. Pratham is a renowned NGO in India that focuses on improving literacy and learning outcomes for underprivileged children. …

Any person competent to contract, be an individual, a body of individuals or an artificial person such as an association of persons, an institution, a limited company, a Hindu undivided family through its karta, can form an NGO.
Any person who has willingness & passion for social work & 18 yrs or above can become a volunteer in an NGO. 

exposes you to different types of people and helps you develop social skills. 

Main Pillars of Sarovar

Passionate volunteers fuel our NGO’s mission, dedicating their time and skills to create positive impact and uplift communities.

Hidayatullah NazimAli Saiyed

Founder of Sarovar Education

Zahir Parvez Md Iqbal Vohra

Volunteer Leader

Mustakim Bukhari

Volunteer Leader

Gulam Dastagir Mansuri

Volunteer Leader

Shoaib Miya Kadri

Volunteer Leader

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