Who We Are

We are Sarovar Education Society strives for equality, education, and sustainable development, fostering positive change and a brighter future.

The Light of Awareness Comes With The Dawn of Education.

A golden key that opens up whole new world of opportunity. It empowers Individuals more than money. Yet millions of educated youth, especially in developing nation like India, are unable to make suitable use it due to various reasons. Hence they remain underprivileged, poor and ignorant. When it comes to educated unemployed youth, we at the SAROVAR Education Society believe in making a difference. We are a registered, voluntary,charitable education trust committed towards providing access to education for competitive examinations for meritorious underprivileged, poor and needy educated youth of society. We make humble effort to enable unemployed Muslim youth to equip themselves with proper knowledge and awareness.

WE AIM at bringing great awareness for competitive examination in respect of recruitment to Government and non government organizations. Most important aspect of SAROVAR’s activity is totally free education for such important career building examination for candidates belonging to haves and haves-not classes of the society. Widely accepted as a most important activity for today’s unemployed and directionless youth for career building, frustrated society to justify and consider need of education and it’s important in life and has targeted to achieve super power status in forthcoming era. Even as training for competitive examination remains SAROVAR’s core area, the trust has moved beyond its competencies in an area go guidance for private, public sector jobs and opportunities. SAROVAR’s new aim have added to its strengths I customizing development of other activities in area of human resource management and extended its focus to on not only fetch respectable and responsible appointments thru their skill but also contribute in development of good society and shaping better Nation. This activity is managed by group of people working in various organizations and doing this activity as an additional task, using their high efficiency and talent to explore hidden qualities of youths.

Our Mission

Empowering through education, our NGO envisions a future where every student has access to free resources, guidance, and support for government exams, ensuring equal opportunities for success.

Providing Free Education

Ensuring access to quality education for all children, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Promoting Educational Equity

Advocating for fairness and equal opportunities in education, striving to bridge the gap between privilege and disadvantage.

Fostering Holistic Development

Creating an environment that supports the intellectual, emotional, and social growth of every student, preparing them for success in all aspects of life.

Empowering Communities

Collaborating with local stakeholders to create sustainable change, empowering communities to take charge of their own development.

Main Pillars of Sarovar

Guiding the Vision and Operations of Sarovar Education Society.

Hidayatullah NazimAli Saiyed

Founder of Sarovar Education

Zahir Parvez Md Iqbal Vohra

Volunteer Leader

Mustakim Bukhari

Volunteer Leader

Gulam Dastagir Mansuri

Volunteer Leader

Shoaib Miya Kadri

Volunteer Leader

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