They are the selfless people of the society who sacrifice their own well-being and space just to brighten the futures of their learners. As godly and educator might be, we have Dr. Hidayatullah Saiyed from Ahmedabad who represents and sets as the best example of this consideration

Dr. Hidayatullah Saiyed has been dedicatedly transforming the lives of underprivileged children since 2006, imparting training for IAS and other government exams for free. Provided free trainings to 15000 students so far and over 1500 individuals have benefited, securing positions in the prestigious GPS cadre and various government posts like cadres, central and state jobs. 


Dr. Hidayatullah has received prestigious awards recognizing his outstanding contributions.


Born in February of 1969 in the lively city of Ahmedabad, Dr. Hidayatullah was a very curious, keen and a bright student from the very start. He aspired to be amongst the many other great civil servants of our nation, serving our country tirelessly. However due to lack of guidance and proper coaching, he had an unsuccessful attempt at the Gujarat Public Services exam. Understanding that his father, a local school principal and the only one supporting a family of 5, could not afford to send him to costly coaching centers, Dr. Hidayatullah accepted his fate and made it his sole mission to provide free guidance to all the underprivileged bright students who would use their wit to develop this nation but cannot overcome their financial hurdles.

Today, Dr. Hidayatullah works at LIC as a Programmer and also encourages and guides more than 1500+ oppressed aspirants  per year towards their dreams and aspirations for free . We must note that Dr. Hidayatullah never bent in front of his circumstances and attained higher degrees. He completed his B.A. followed by M.A. and finally got a PhD degree from Global Peace University. He now leads a simple yet dedicated life towards the welfare and upliftment of the society as whole.


Dr. Hidayatullah embarked on a transformative journey that began after his 12th class examinations when he landed himself a job at Indian Petrochemical Corporation Limited in the Machine department. Despite this high-income corporate experience, he felt a calling for education and transitioned to Ahmedabad after working tirelessly for 2.5 years, where he initially sought to teach.

However, his professional path took an unexpected turn when he secured a position as a Junior Accountant in the office of the Director of Postal Accounts at the  Commission, demonstrating a commitment to public service. Later, He also bagged a position as an Assistant in LIC in 1995 simultaneously clearing various bank and governmental exams. Unfortunately, due to no guidance or proper knowledge of counseling he could not find his way through these results and also had no success in his GPS exams. He accepted his fate but had the fire within him to turn the social tables so as the person irrespective of his background, who scores well and is deserving, be at par with the examinations.

Soon, Dr. Hidayatullah felt the need to invest and make use of his existing knowledge for the cause of good while he also felt saddened that all of his ideals and views went unused, failing to gain a rank at civil services. He decided to join a NGO to teach the aspirants for free from where he received a positive response and results. Even his learners, highly influenced with his charisma and style of teaching, encouraged and pushed him to start his independent coaching and guidance classes.

Addressing the demand, he started his own independent training center for all government exam preparations in 2006 from his mother’s house. He started with an experimental batch of 22 students out of which 18 attained success and got selected in the Class I/II cadre office. Hearing this, there was an increase in demand which forced him to shift his classes out of his mother’s home’s limited space and conduct further classes in local school classrooms until 2016. He named his organization as “Sarovar Educations Society”. Further his dedicated set of female aspirants demanded for centers nearer to their homes for safety and transportation issues and other such factors, pushed him to set up more institutions all around the towns of Gujarat such as Dholka, Dhandhuka, Nadiad,Vadodata and other 11 centers at different places.

Dr. Hidayatullah also claims his students to be genuine and socially dedicated like him as many of his previous learners who cleared the examinations have now taken steps to arrange books, funds and other essentials for the poor aspiring learners. Many of his successful students in the high profile government jobs have joined him to train the students absolutely for free. From here we derive that Dr. Hidayatullah not only helped these people reach their goals but also transformed these humans into social and empathetic individuals working selflessly for the welfare and upliftment of the society without any greed. All thanks to influential beings like Dr. Hidayatullah who with their benevolent works serve as an inspiration to millions who go the same in return to others.


1 Upliftment Of The Oppressed Society With Education

Dr. Hidayatullah uplifted oppressed communities by wielding education as his potent weapon. Establishing a coaching institute with a unique model—Free Education—he dismantled financial barriers. He has provided free education to more than 15000 students so far & more than 1500 students got selected in different government departments. These students are from lower middle class , Minority or poor section of the society. Their parents mostly work on daily wages. Dr. Hidayatullah’s proactive efforts in securing competitive exam materials through donations and funds empowered underprivileged students. Creating centers in rural areas, including some exclusively for girls demonstrating their empowerment, he provided a platform for those facing socio-economic challenges. Through seminars, counseling, and an NGO, he addressed the root causes of disparity. Dr. Hidayatullah’s unwavering commitment transformed education into a catalyst, breaking the shackles of oppression and fostering empowerment in society.


Dr. Hidayatullah passionately guides youth toward righteousness through educational initiatives. His seminars instill values, emphasizing the importance of ethical choices. He has
conducted over 200 seminars and almost 40,000 students has participated in these seminars. Through his seminars and counseling, he provides personalized guidance, steering
young minds toward positive paths teaching them the importance of self-independency. Education is his tool for empowerment, teaching not just academic subjects but also the principles of integrity and responsibility. Dr. Hidayatullah’s impactful approach inspires the youth to walk the path of right, fostering a generation with a strong moral compass. His commitment transcends academics, aiming to shape individuals who contribute positively to society through knowledge and ethical conduct. He also promotes the Double Income Group between couples and women empowerment and education via his seminars. Many benefitted students and oppressed wives thank him for changing their views.


During the challenging times of COVID-19, Dr. Hidayatullah demonstrated compassion by providing food packets to 6,000 people with the help of his ex-students who now sit in higher governmental positions. His journey is not just a personal narrative but a testament to resilience, dedication, and a tireless pursuit of making quality education accessible to all, regardless of financial barriers. Influenced by his kindness and dedication, even his successful students come forward to teach, guide and help the other oppressed kids. This humanitarian endeavor illustrated his dedication to the betterment of the community and the wider influence of his work outside the field of education.


1 Educational Empowerment

Dr. Hidayatullah’s commitment to providing free education has had a profound impact on marginalized communities. By eliminating financial barriers, he has empowered countless individuals who may have otherwise been deprived of educational opportunities. This inclusive approach has not only increased literacy rates but has also opened doors to new possibilities for underprivileged students, offering them a chance to break the cycle of poverty through knowledge.

2 Bridging Regional Disparities

Establishing educational centers in rural areas, including one exclusively for girls, Dr. Hidayatullah has actively addressed regional disparities in access to quality education. This strategic placement of centers has helped bridge the educational divide, bringing learning opportunities to areas that were previously underserved. The ripple effect has been a more balanced distribution of educational resources and opportunities, fostering development in regions that often face neglect.

3 Alleviating Financial Strain

The model of charging only for books, coupled with sourcing competitive exam materials through donations and funds, has significantly alleviated financial strain on aspiring students. This approach ensures that economic constraints do not hinder the pursuit of education. Dr. Hidayatullah’s efforts have not only made education financially accessible but have also created a supportive environment where students can focus on learning without the burden of excessive costs.

4 Holistic Development Through Seminars And Counseling

Beyond traditional education, Dr. Hidayatullah’s impact extends to holistic development through seminars and counseling. By organizing over 200 seminars, he imparts valuable life skills, instills ethical values, and motivates individuals to pursue not just academic success but also personal growth. His counseling sessions offer personalized guidance, nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped for success in various aspects of life.

5 Community Welfare During Covid - 19

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Hidayatullah demonstrated exemplary leadership by providing food packets to 6,000 people. This act of compassion showcased the broader community welfare impact of his work. It highlighted his commitment to the well-being of the community, emphasizing that education is not just about academic knowledge but also about building a resilient and compassionate society.